Sunday, June 13, 2010

8 month straighten!

Hey folks
so as promised, it's my birthday and to commemorate the occasion I straightened my hair to see my progress. I went to JCP (Thanks Hanna!) and got a rollerset and then she flatironed my hair. We used Chi products and paul mitchell superskinny. the results: PHENOMENAL! see for urself

October 2009 - my last previous blowout. Note the length in the mirror.

June 2010 - 8 months since my last straightening, 6 months since I started taking care of my hair.
Amazing aint it!

the come hither pose. lol

Front view

look at that ponytail. I dont know if my hair was ever that long before in a pony
but def it has never been this full and thick! I love it

back view of the ponytail. note the end of the ponytail drops on my back
just a little bit lower than where my hair out reached in October 2009.

Yay! Can't wait for the next 6 months to see where we get. hopefully I can stick with it and not cut it off as I have been tempted to do lately. I also think I need to find a good protective style for the summer cuz I have been rocking wash and goes and they look cute but I have been ripping my hair out afterwards detangling. my breakage has def increased since it started getting hot. but maybe I'll braid my own hair next week sometime now that it is properly stretched. Will update.