Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventures with Paper Bag Curls

Yes folks, another adventure. Saturday I chopped up a paper bag into strips and used those to curl my hair.

Nice pile of coop paper bag strips.

Average size of a strip

 You basically use the strip like a roller and roll the hair upward. When you can't roll anymore you tie the ends of the strip together and they stay put until you take them down. I had previously combed out the remnants of the bantu knot out from the night before and applied a dime size amount of coconut oil to my ends. I did about 16 sections total, using my tangle teezer to smooth each section, and left them in my hair for about 6 hours, under a satin scarf.

After the take down I had wonderful goldilocks curls with lots of volume. 

I decided to rock it with a headband that night for a different look

Verdict: I would definitely do these again. It took about 45 minutes to locate a paper bag, cut it up and put them in my hair, u can potentially rock it incognito while you are getting your curl on and even though I didn't sleep on it, it is definitely amenable to sleeping. I still love my pin curls best but these are second. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Adventures with Bantu Knots

As promised, I tried a bantu knot-out this week. First off, these things are so uncomfortable to sleep in, they are right up there with rollers. Second, you can't rock these incognito until you are ready for the reveal. lol. I put in some big ones on a whim Thursday night and then had to go to work Friday morning. they weren't neat enough or cute enough to wear as is so I took them down and rocked a messy curly bun for the day, trying not to disturb the curls too much. it was pretty enough at initial take down, nice defined spiral curls.

My big lazy chinee bumps

Immediately after take down. Cute enough to try again I think

Messy Bun

Later that night, I took down the bun and some of the curls had fared better than others but it still looked pretty fierce. I will probably do this again but do smaller knots for more curly definition and also just do them morning of so I don't have to sleep on them.

My next experiment will be paper bag curls. Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another Edition in the Head Wrap Chronicles

Today I decided to keep my hair wrapped so I decided to rock a turban style head wrap. Seems like a perfect fit for a gorgeous spring day. I used a large multipurpose scarf/ piece of cloth I have that I sometimes rock as DIY pieces of clothing or as an accessory to head wraps I do with white cotton. As usual, I put my wrap over my satin scarf. For more cool ideas for doing your own wraps check the YouTube links in the side bar on the right under Cute Styling Tutorials. Enjoy!

Adventures with Pin Curls

As promised, I did a little pin curl experiment this week. On Thursday morning I brushed out my hair and parted it down the middle. I then put a headband on to smooth my edges and did 8 pin curls on each side. I then tied my whole head with a satin scarf and kept my hair under wraps until last night. I didn't use any product and again I used my tangle teezer for smoothing. I realized I need a new collection of hair pins because the ones I have are starting to snag.

Right after I got done, showing the headband and my well executed first time curls.
Back view

Last night I took off my scarf and I was like damn, I can rock this out as is, it looked so smooth and cute lol. I then started taking down my curls. I can safely say I will probably never rollerset my hair again.

I think I can rock this out the house as a style all its own. lol

The result I get with the pin curls is so much better and it's waaaaaay more comfortable to sleep on, not to mention you can go about getting your curl on incognito and still look cute. Anyways here was the final result

look at those beautiful, well formed, shiny cascading curls. no product or heat necessary. And you can sleep comfortably at night. 
When I came home last night I wrapped my hair again. Two weeks in and my hair is still straight as the day it got done so it looks like I'm well on my way to keeping this for a month. I think my next experiment is going to be a bantu knot out so stay tuned!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Remembering the Assassination of MLK Jr

On this day, April 4th in 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis TN. He had gone there to support striking African American sanitation workers in their struggle for equal pay for equal work and better working conditions. As if he could tell the end was near, it was here he gave what turned out to be his prophetic last speech that has come to be known as "I have been to the mountaintop". Let us always remember the struggles of all those who came before us including those who literally put their neck on the line and died so we can enjoy the privileges we do today. The dream is yet deferred and there is much work to be done. RIP MLK Jr. We will never forget.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adventures in rollersetting

I decided to try a little experiment with rollersetting to see how it would work with my straight hair. Yesterday I used rollers of varying sizes and rollerset my hair with no additional product. I used my tangle teezer to smooth my hair. I slept on it overnight (why doesn't errrrbody love to sleep with curlers in their hair; it's like the most COMFORTABLE thing EVERRRR! lol). I took it down this afternoon to reveal beautiful curls and waves and hair full of body and movement. 

Not the neatest but it will do for a first attempt. I like the small for more defined spring spirals and the large for lovely waves.

Oh snap look at the Black goldilocks. LMAO
PS I am feeling my nails right now

The finished product
I then promptly wrapped it as I ain't got nowhere to go looking all cute. LMAO next weekend I'll try overnight pincurls and see what happens.