Sunday, February 28, 2010

My going out styles

So I have posted a couple pics of my protective styling in my posts but I thought I could probably show off some of my going out dos, give ppl some ideas. the one thing i love with my natural hair is that its got so much body and texture u can basically just pin it in any interesting shape and its bound to hold and look good. love it. the versatility is out of this world so the possibilities and styling options are endless. I'm enjoying rocking new interesting styles. I'll post and describe as they are created.

bantu knots for a knot out style

side view of knots
front view of bantu knot out pinup style. the knot out gives a nice wavy texture and then I pinned up my hair in four sections. two sections pinned back in front. the middle of my head was pinned forward and spread in a fan. the bottom was rolled up like a french roll and pinned into the fan. i put two decorative pins in the front to define my part.
side view (kindof lol) of pinup. see the nice texture?!
did another pinup, this time two strand twist in the back and on top and flat twists on the side. rolled the front and sides into a french roll and then swooped the ones n top and pinned in the roll. topped it all off with a flower.
front view of flat twist pinup
im in the vagina monologues this year and this is an experiment with my bantu knot out hair second day. i did a roll in the front coming to the side then put half my hair in a scrunchy very loosely and left the bottom open. Ill prob braid my hair and do this with a braid out for the play.
simple braid out from my week old protective style
another braid out style from week old braids. did a pompadour in the front with the rest of my hair pulled back and left open
side view
another braid out style. this time, just one side pulled back with a pretty flower
view of teh other side
front view
another braidout. half pompdour half curls on the top, all the rest pulled back into a curly pony
pompadour side view
curls side view

braid out leaking out of tam

wash and go

straw set

head wrap

slick back and scarf

modified curlisto method


  1. Hi!

    I was wondering how you went about doing the straw set? It looks fabulously amazing! What products did you use? And also how long did it take?

  2. Hi,
    I actually got it done at a salon in Knoxville TN (Big up to April!). I don't have the patience to do this myself. lol. You need a good leave in and a heat protectant and a product that will give u some hold like a twist and lock gel. You also need wrapping paper to wrap ur ends to prevent frizzing. U then section the hair (wet/damp) and wrap on rods and sit under the dryer to dry ur hair. once completely dry, remove the rods and separate the curls (u can split every curl into 2 etc) then spritz with some hair spray for hold and ur all set! hth!