Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bane of my existence - single strand knots!

So I was playing with my hair and realized I have a whole bunch of single strand knots going on! I don't know if they were always there and I wasn't paying attention or if they are a recent phenomenon but i don't like it one bit! I've also noticed that my ends are more raggedy these days and I think its because i started cornrowing instead of box braiding my wet hair. SO today I decided to go back to basics. I co-washed with my herbal essence Longlasting relationship conditioner, deep conditioned with ORS hair mayonnaise, moisturized with Giovanni Direct leave in and Redken extreme anti-snap and sealed with Doo Grow Hair Oil and Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Hair treatment with Mink Oil. I then put my hair in 12 box braids. My ends look better already. lol. I'll keep this same regimen for the next month and see what happens with these knots. I'm hoping the lubrication will take them out cuz I don't want to have to cut them. I'm planning on trimming in June and December so I really don't want to get scissors anywhere near my hair before then.

loving the shine

side/back view

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