Sunday, March 21, 2010

single strand update

Soooooooo. My knots have disappeared. In one week. It's amazing. I have no idea what caused them in the first place and why they suddenly disappeared. All I know is that when I washed my hair yesterday I couldn't find them. My hair is also so moist and sexy soft right now. I love it! I guess my hair loves box braids. I washed with them in this week and then took down post deep condition and redid my protective styling for the week i love being natural, all the different patterns of curl in my head and getting control over them. I started going crazy for a while trying different things but I think I will stick with what works for my hair and try not to get bored. lol. this weeks regimen:

Cowash - Herbal Essence Longlasting relationship
Deep Condition - ORS Hair Fertlizer
Leave in - Giovanni Direct Leave in and Redken Extreme Anti Snap
Sealing Oil - Doo Grow Hair Oil
Sealant - Hollywood Castor Oil Hair Treatment with mink oil

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