Thursday, September 9, 2010

My new favorite protective style - chunky two strand twists

So since my foray into Ms Jessie's I have been doing the chunky 2-strand twist to twist out thing and i really like it. I think I like the effect of the twistout even more than my braidout. Coupled with my banding technique, I'm getting more length and fullness to my style. I'm liking it alot. So this week I decided, instead of doing box braids when I wash my hair and waiting till midweek to undo them and put in my two strand twists, what if I just do two strand twists on my regular hair? So that's what I did.

I cowashed and detangled my hair as I normally do, deepconditioned ovenight and did an ACV rinse. I then applied my regular moisturise and seal products to each of the four sections I washed my hair in. I then further subdivided each of these sections into three, applied a little IC gel to each for hold and did my two strand twist. I let them airdry and then I just tucked and baggyed the ends, put on my satin scarf and went to bed. This morning they were almost completely dried and I banded them. Can't wait for the weekend to take them down and compare the results to my Ms Jessie's results.
Banding post drying. I wanted to see if I let it dry first if it shrinks more than if i band when it is still wet. From the looks of things it seems it doesn't make a difference. You also don't need to band so tight at the first one (at the start of the ponytail) as long as you maintain a firm grip for the rest of the banding.
Next day post banding and drying.

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