Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another try at the imitation KCCC method

Hey Loves!
been a while but I took lots of pics of my hair today so I felt that warranted an update. This week I undid my two strand twist protective style and rocked my hair in a slick bun for a couple days. Today I took it down to wash and the hugeness and softness and awesomeness of my mane just compelled me to take some pics. Here's my fav:

I decided on a whim to try the KCCC method with some Infusium as my leave in and Smooth and Shine polishing curl activator gel with aloe vera as my gel. Quick note: I've had this gel for a while and didn't really like it the first time i got it as a replacement for IC Fantasia but I tried it again today as I'm trying to use up the stuff I have. 

I clarified my hair with my Giovanni clarifying shampoo and conditioned with some VO5 clarifying conditioner. I then did my regular ACV rinse. My hair was sectioned in 5 sections: 2 on the side, one on top and two in the back. I started with a section on the side, spritz with water, spritz with my infusium and shingle through hair, and apply a scoop (about 1tbs) of the gel shingling with my fingers, making sure the ends were well coated, smoothing the section between the palm of my hand from root to tip. I then twisted this section and proceeded to complete all remaining sections. This is what it looks like wet:

Once product application was completed, I untwisted the sections and blow-dried my hair until mostly dry. I then blasted it on the cool setting for a few minutes and then let my hair air dry. This is what it looks like dry and styled:

Lots of shrinkage but I love how it turned out! Can't compare to KCCC because I've never tried it but my hair was soft and full of movement, not sticky, my curls and coils were very defined and shiny. I would say this was a success!