Thursday, October 7, 2010

New moisturizing routine & ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding

Hey Yall
quick update. After rocking my adapted KCCC for 5 days (see 5th day hair below) I clarified with my Giovanni shampoo, did a protein treatment with the Giovanni Reconstructor, conditioned with my VO5 clarifying shampoo and deep conditioned with my ORS hair mayo overnight.
5th day hair
Post Clarifying, pre-protein treatment
Post protein treatment

Next morning I rinsed out the hair mayo and did an apple cider vinegar rinse. My Giovanni Direct leave in is done so I am trying a new moisturizing routine. I used my Infusium 23 followed by Redken Extreme Antisnap on my ends and Cantu Leave in as my leave in moisturizers and sealed with Doo Grow Hair oil.  I twisted my hair and let my hair air dry. The result: gorgeous, soft and shiny! yay

Post Deep Condition
Moisturized and air dried. Yeah I went to school with 4 big fatty twists in my hair. lmao. Thank the Lord for forever 21 tams

Once dried, I two strand twisted my hair using ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding. The result was great and I think this is a great cheap replacement for Ms Jessie's. lol. Soft, shiny, moist, frizz free, flake free, no film. I love it!
Ain't that shiny and soft looking and cute! never mind the white stuff, it goes away


  1. I adore your hair. It looks so thick and healthy. As a fine-haired nappy, I've always admired thick, lush tresses.

    Whatever you're doing, keep it up! :-)