Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hi folks
so I know I haven't been posting too often but I'm busy busy busy preparing for an exciting transition in my life that I'll tell you all more about later. This is just to let you all know I'm still very much alive, enjoying the summer and enjoying my birthday month. As far as hair is concerned, I'm rocking some canerows (no extensions) since memorial weekend compliments of my bff R. Since installing these I've washed my hair at least 3 times. I'll prob rock these at least for another week but they can definitely keep going even longer than that.

Fresh canerows aka cornrows. Perfect summer hairstyle

I got some really exciting gifts for my birthday courtesy of my wonderful sis A! I got a Curlformers starter kit AND some Kinky Curly Knot Today and the Curling Custard! Ain't that exciting?! Expect some documented experiments in the near future. Get excited! 

Hope you guys are enjoying your summer/rainy season depending on your location

Be Blessed, Never Stressed


  1. Your hair looks fabulous! Do you wash with twists in or do you take them out before you wash?

  2. Thanks Paula! I do both. Usually I put my hair in 8-10 big twists and take them down one at a time to wash and then retwist, but recently I've started just washing etc with the twists in because the former method just takes way too long.