Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inspiration for my 4bcz sistas

If I could get a bucket of Eddy's slow churned limited edition Girl Scouts Samoas Cookies ice cream for every person who has said the following statement to me, I would be a very very happy woman:

'Oh you have that nice hair that grows. My hair doesn't grow.'

Ladies, you do go or at one point did have to get touchups right? The thing you are touching up is your growth. YOUR HAIR GROWS!!! I assure you. Unless you have some kind of medical condition, healthy human beings' hair grows 1/4 inch per month on average. Some people's hair grows faster due to genetics and other factors but EVERYBODY's hair grows. The key to 'seeing' the growth is retaining it. So if you aren't seeing length and that is a goal of yours, growth may not be your problem. You may have a length retention problem. What causes length retention problems you may ask? Not enough moisture, over manipulation, breakage, excessive shedding. You need to figure out what the problem is and fix it and stop buying into the 'my hair can't grow' spiel.   Are you moisturizing enough? Are you cleansing your hair and scalp often enough? Are you eating a healthy and balanced diet? Are you taking your supplements? Do you drink enough water? are you stressed? Are you over-manipulating your hair? Are you not handling your tresses with sufficient care? Any myriad of factors may be affecting your length retention but they can be addressed. 

Now I know you probably still won't believe me so today I'm gonna provide some inspiration for you. Meet Sera25. Is that some gorgeous long hair or what?!!! Go ahead and check out her fotki page for more picture inspiration as well as her regimen and other useful tips.


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