Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summa, summa, summatime!!

Well technically now that I am a full-time Trini we don't have no damn summatime, although you would never know from the proliferation of ads for 'summa' parties and other such shenanigans. No summer in these here tropics. Just Hot and Hotter. Or Dry and Rainy. This heat burns hotter than the fires of hell and the humidity is out of this world lol. BUT, I did get a chance to run away to my graduation and other festivities in the USA so here are some of my 'summatime' styles.

Repping for my clique! lol  Rocked a low bun to fit my cap

My Birthday! Rocked a bun and pomp

More bday shenanigans, different city. Rocking a twistout

After the humidity got to my twistout, pulled it in a ponytail and rocked it with a headband fashioned out of my satin scarf lmao

Updated!! Another USA jaunt for a wedding. More styles:

More slick buns

Straight hair don't care

Trini Staples:

High wash and go puff

love me some headwraps!

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