Monday, September 24, 2012

Undiagnosed Hair ADD

Yup. I think I'm a candidate. So I straightened my hair after attending my bff's wedding and I cut my hair back to bsl. Again. I say 'again' because I have a hair blog so I can go back and see what I have been doing for the last two and a half years and it seems that every year around this time I get antsy and bored and straighten and cut my hair lmao. Granted my hair probably appreciated it this time around because I had a lot of breakage in the nape area and along my edges (at least a lot by my standards). This is probably due to my abuse of bunning of the slick variety and my general neglect of my hair since my return to Trini. So much living to do, so little time lol. 

My wedding bun

I got a Dominican Blowout and I didn't even attempt to prep. I went in there with my dry dirty hair with none of my own products. I asked them for a wash, deep condition, protein treatment and then blowdry, flatiron and cut. I didnt even walk with a heat protectant, although I made sure to ask them to use one. But since they all speaking espanol and I only understand poco right now, let's hope for my sake that when I wash my  hair my curls come back. lol I'll keep you posted. In the meantime enjoy some pics.

My last kind of length check on June 27th 2012

June 27th 2012 we were back to waist length

September 24th 2012 back to bsl

Now that I realized this fall antsy syndrome, I felt like I owe it to myself to grow my hair out again, reach the goal I set for myself (hiplength) and then I can do whatever the hell I feel like. So on that note, I feel a grow out challenge coming. Friend me on facebook to stay posted and join me if you like!

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