Monday, December 20, 2010

Guess what I got for Christmas?!!!!!

My wonderful family got me a Huetiful Steamer! OMG exactly what I wanted. lol. Love you guys! So obviously I couldn't wait until Christmas and decided to give it a try today. I took the parts out of the box and was about to begin assembling when I realized that a part was missing, the bracket that connected the hood to the steamer. :( I was so sad I emailed my sister then called Huetiful and left them an email. When I called I was told to leave a message and somebody would get back to me. What?!!! I can't talk to somebody now?!!! 

So all disappointed I was packing my steamer back into the box and low and behold, there is the bracket in the styrofoam. LMAO Feeling like an idiot I go to email them back to say "hey I found it" only to find they had already responded to tell me where to find it. lol. Just as I sent off my apology email, my phone rang, it was a Huetiful rep calling me back! So customer service got 5 stars immediately. lol

Assembling this thing gets another 5 stars. The directions are clear, the pieces are common-sensical and I had my steamer ready to use in under 5 minutes. Today I co-washed with my HE long-lasting relationship and deep conditioned with my ORS Hair Mayo. I sat under the steamer for 40 minutes. Immediately after coming out from under the hood I noticed that my hair appeared more 'open', I don't know how to describe it, it's like it's moistly frizzy. lol. You could tell that the follicles were open and that a lot of the product was absorbed. I left the hair mayo in my hair under a plastic cap for another 2 hrs and then proceeded to wash it out and do my ACV rinse.

After letting my hair dry for a while, I spritzed my hair with my diluted infusium, oiled my scalp using doogrow hair oil, applied my adapted kimmaytube leave in and sealed with coconut oil. Can I say detangling was a breeze?!!! OMG my hair has gone through so many changes that I didn't think were even possible in the last few weeks thanks to my coconut pre-poo and the leave in but this steamer made detangling my hair even easier! It was like cutting through soft butter with a hot knife. I was done braiding in my usual protective style in about 1/2 - 3/4 the time it usually takes. I can't wait to continue using this steamer in my regimen to see the effect on the health of my hair. I plan on using it every time I deep condition, which is usually once per week. This couldn't have come at a better time as the overnight soaking wet hair in the dead cold of new england winters is a recipe for catching pneumonia. lol No more overnight deep conditioning for me for a while! Enjoy the pics!

dirty old braidout

getting ready to co-wash. texture, length and thickness shot lol

my fully assembled steamer heating up. one page instructions, easy to assemble pieces = 3 minutes assembly time

Bubbling away

Steaming right

Getting my deep condition on. towel around my head for that hot dripping water

Hair post ACV rinse, no product. Are those some ultra moisturized curls or what?!!! love it!