Monday, December 20, 2010

Ms Jessie's Review

This is really late but I just realized I hadn't posted about this. My beautiful sister got me the sample pack from Ms Jessie's a few months ago (Thanks Alli! love u!) and I have been working my way through the products slowly but surely. In the sample pack there is the curly pudding (scented and unscented), the buttercreme (scented and unscented), curly merengue, creme de la curl shampoo and conditioner, the rapid recovery treatment, the super sweetback treatment, the stretch silkening creme and the quick curls creme.

I have done detailed reviews on the curly pudding and the buttercreme here and here. In short, I loved the results I obtained with them but I have since found that I can attain similar results using the ORS smooth and hold pudding. I would still use them if I wanted to treat myself but if you are on a budget, other cheaper easily available products can do a similar job. The shampoo was good as a clarifying shampoo but I have been able to attain similar result using cheaper products so I wouldn't purchase this product. 

The conditioner was not anything to talk about, my cheapie conditioners from HE and Suave have given me way better results. Both deep conditioning products were ok but not better than my staple ORS hair mayo or many other very cheap deep conditioner treatments I have gotten at CVS or elsewhere so I wouldn't purchase these products either. I have yet to try the other products, mainly as I am not sure they would work with my hair texture. I want to try the curly merengue on a roller set or a spiral set at some point. The stretch silkening creme I will probably do a spiral set or a twistout to see if it works. the quick curls will have to wait till it warms up around here because I am not risking getting sick to test it. lol Hope this quick summary review is helpful!

If you are interested in trying any of these products, Ms Jessie's has a bogo sale going on until December 31st 2010 midnight EST. Check it out!

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