Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Da Curls (and Kinks and Tangles lol) are Back

Got to love that shrinkage lol
So after 6+ weeks of straight hair I'm back to the curly side. It was still pretty much straight after all this time but I just felt like I needed to wash my scalp. I think the straightening may have been a bit of a hair setback in terms of growth but it was still fun while it lasted and seeing how long I was able to maintain it and the potential to go even longer, I may consider doing it again sometime in the future. lol. 

Ready to be washed bye bye, it was good while it lasted

I realize that the days of washing my hair loose are definitely coming to an end. Usually I would wash my hair in four sections but this time I had to do it in 10. 

Fatty twists done, ready to hit the shower

It took me all of 3 hrs to shampoo my scalp and hair, do a protein treatment, condition, deep condition and ACV rinse. The good news is that doing it in all those sections made detangling and twisting my hair relatively easy and took 1.5 hrs. For detangling I used my fingers first, then my big tooth comb and then finally my tangle teezer. Patience really is the key.

Right Bag: 6 weeks worth of shed hair (collected over time lol)
Left Bag: shed hair from detangling after washing yesterday.

For deep conditioning I tried the Hollywood Beauty Carrot Cholesterol I got with the hair dress cream I used in my adapted kimmaytube a while ago. It felt weird in my hand and going on my hair and has a strange baby powder smell but after 15 minutes under my Huetiful, my hair was definitely extremely moisturized and juicy juicy. I then rinsed with My ACV rinse and am happy to report that all my curls are back, in their original state with no apparent heat damage anywhere. Hallelujah!

I think I am going to have to make some changes to my regimen, most importantly how often I wash my hair because I can't be doing 4 hrs every week or even every 2 weeks. I think if I had not oiled my scalp I would have been able to go even longer than 6 weeks no problem so I didn't oil my scalp this week as an experiment. I think I'll be going for once a month washing and trying to use minimal product in between to keep my hair clean.

My hair is now in 22 two strand twists and I will be keeping them in for as long as possible but I am open to dry retwisting if need be. I plan on moisturizing with infusium when needed and sealing with coconut oil, baggying often. As of right now I am enjoying having my juicy curls back! Say a special prayer for me and my tangles. lol

Juicy juicy!

Today's regimen
Shampoo - HE Hello Hydration
Protein Treatment - Nexxus Emergencee
Conditioner - Suave Tropical Coconut
Deep Conditioner - Hollywood Beauty Carrot Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Cream
Leave in Conditioner - Infusium 23, adapted kimmaytube (hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme and Redken Extreme ANtisnap base)
Sealant - Coconut Oil


  1. Girl you are gorgeous! Rep for Trini! :) My parents are from Trini, so I definitely rep it hard. lol :) Currently growing my hair out (again) so your hair is definitely an inspiration. :)

  2. oh Thanks Minty!! Trini to de bone!!! lol if you have any questions let me know. Good luck on your journey!