Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventures with Paper Bag Curls

Yes folks, another adventure. Saturday I chopped up a paper bag into strips and used those to curl my hair.

Nice pile of coop paper bag strips.

Average size of a strip

 You basically use the strip like a roller and roll the hair upward. When you can't roll anymore you tie the ends of the strip together and they stay put until you take them down. I had previously combed out the remnants of the bantu knot out from the night before and applied a dime size amount of coconut oil to my ends. I did about 16 sections total, using my tangle teezer to smooth each section, and left them in my hair for about 6 hours, under a satin scarf.

After the take down I had wonderful goldilocks curls with lots of volume. 

I decided to rock it with a headband that night for a different look

Verdict: I would definitely do these again. It took about 45 minutes to locate a paper bag, cut it up and put them in my hair, u can potentially rock it incognito while you are getting your curl on and even though I didn't sleep on it, it is definitely amenable to sleeping. I still love my pin curls best but these are second.