Sunday, May 20, 2012

Look who won something again!!!!

Beautiful box and beautifully wrapped! Can you feel the love?

ME!!!!!! lol if you read my post from the last time I won something, you can understand my excitement. I didn't just win something yall. I HIT DA JACKPOT! lol Look at this beautiful gift basket...

I know yall see all that stuff!

I won this bounty due to the fact that I practically live on Facebook lmao. So when bright and early one morning before Mother's Day the folks at Body Beautiful on D'Avenue asked their Facebook fans to answer a question on the products they carry, I was one of the first folks to answer. Now they never said what you would win, just that they had a gift. So trust me, I almost fell out when I saw how much stuff I won! And the best part? I had never tried any of the products before. 

I had to line the loot up. Somebody say product junkie jackpot! 

Allison of Body Beautiful was so sweet that since I so happened to show up to collect my prize when they had just got a shipment of Naturalista Juicy Leave- in, she generously gave me a sample to try!!! I about died and went to natural hair product junkie heaven yall lol 

Collecting my prize from Allison at Body Beautiful on D'Avenue
So expect some product reviews and in the meantime my Trini naturals, head down to the Avenue and see Allison at Body Beautiful! They carry so many of the popular product lines including Kinky Curly, Shea Moisture, Karen's Body Beautiful, Jane Carter, Curls, Eco Styler, Naturalista Cosmetics and so so much more. They also carry JBCO, shea butter, lots of ayurvedic products and other beauty products and candles. When you go make sure and tell them MzNappyTrini says hi!!! lol check out their Facebook page for more


  1. Hey MzNappyTrini! I totally agree. Body Beautiful on d Avenue is really like natural hair and body care product junkie heaven. It's hard to leave. LOL.

    1. Hi there Rein! it sure is lol. Thanks for reading and sharing!