Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look Who Finally Won Something!!!

MEEEEEE!!! lol. You know there are some ppl always winning a raffle or bingo or random giveaways or play whe or the lotto? I'm not that person. LMAO honestly I don't think I have ever won anything based on chance ever (superficially at least) and I def haven't won any competitions in a while (read: donkey years) so I was so pleased when I FINALLY won something: a 2oz sample of Qhemet Biologics Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee! How did I win? I was one of the first five to correctly answer 'Cacao' to the question they posted on Facebook: "Indigenous to Central and South America, its generic name literally means 'drink of the gods'". Thanks so much Qhemet Biologics and for the folks reading, if you aren't a fan on facebook yet, what are you waiting on?!! You could be winning fabulous stuff too. lol

I have been wanting to try Qhemet for the longest while and this product definitely did not disappoint. It actually arrived just in time for a plane ride and helped me to successfully detangle my loc prone hair 24 hrs after washing it and used it as a leave in under my Ms Jessie's curly pudding to do some lovely 2 strand twist for a rockstar twistout updo the next day. It is a great detangler and it also moisturizes well and is not greasy. I also liked that it worked well with my curly pudding. No flaking or extra greasiness with this combo. My girlfriend who has looser curls than I (3b/c) used it as a moisturizer/curl definer and omg it did an amazing job on her hair as well. 

rocking my twistout updo

Yay for #WINNING! lol

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