Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where to Find Natural Hair and Skin Products in Trinidad - Part III

Hi Folks!!!!

Hands down, the most popular posts on my blog have to do with where my fellow naturalistas can locate products in my lovely home Trinidad and Tobago. This makes me so very happy and just for that I feel this blog has served a useful purpose. I am so happy that so many ladies in Trini are embracing their natural hair and rocking it proudly. If I can help in anyway to encourage, educate, motivate or whatever else, I am only too happy to be a vessel. 

One of the reasons I am heartened is because of how many people have taken the time to share where they have been able to locate products. This post is just a summary of some of the suggestions in the comments from the two previous articles on where to find products in our sweet, sweet TnT. Please feel free to keep adding places where u satisfy your product junkyism! 

Thanks to all my lovely fellow naturalistas who have commented and shared this wealth of info. Keep it coming! And as always, if you go to any of these suggested places, make sure and tell them MzNappyTrini sent you! lol


Valrosa Limited
Located on 102 Abercromby Street Port of Spain (623-6805).
They carry products like Uncle Funky's Daughter, Wonder Curl, Curly Kinks, Camille Rose Naturals, BeeMine, JessiCurl, darcy Botanicals and so much more (see flyer below). Lots of product lines I haven't personally tried but hopefully I get the opportunity to! Make sure and visit their Facebook page for more info.

Product lines carried by Valrosa Limited

Mayleah Organics
Located in Santa Cruz and they DO DELIVERIES!! (385-4327)
Specialize in natural and/or organic products. All products are free from parabens, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, phthalates, animal testing, petroleum compounds, sodium lauryl sulfate/ sodium laureth sulfate, PEGS, PPG, MEA, DEA or TEA and GMOs
Check their website for the product lines they carry and check them out on Facebook

Hair City
Located on Henry Street (4 stores up from the promenade)
They carry lots of things, most notably Ecostyler gel (olive and argan oil), Cantu line, black soap, jbco, argan oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter.

Nationwide -  never know what you might be lucky to find, they carry a lot of stuff.
Chartlottte street branch in particular carries - Infusium 23 LEAVE IN, amla powder, and ayurvedic products.

Live Green
Located at the western end of Ariapita Avenue (622-8911; 685-9291)
They carry Giovanni products.

Starlite Pharmacy
Located in Diego Martin (632-0516)
They carry Giovanni products ($50 each), Redken, Aussie Moist, and African Pride

Sankofa African Store
Located on Penitence Street San Fernando
They carry black soap and shea butter ($30/jar)

Located upstairs Carlton Center High Street San Fernando
They carry the Mixed Chicks brand

Puja stores - henna

Risa's - She is a certified Mehendi artist and she sells Henna powder in ziplocked packets of 100g for $35. Her contact is 312-5239

Xtra Foods Grand Bazaar - methi, coconut oil

Superpharm -  jbco ($120/bottle), 100% aloe vera gel (Fruit of the Earth)

Santas - High Street San Fernando - lots of brands

Pharmacy at Movietowne POS - Vatika coconut oil

Herbal Store,  Town Center Mall POS - basil oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, veggie glycerin

HiLo Arima - aloe vera juice ($26/bottle)


  1. Herbal Store at Town Center Mall also carries sweet almond oil (16 oz $100), castor oil (16 oz $100). They also sell Jarrows Formula Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (16 oz $110 and 32 oz $230), Nature's Way Coconut Oil (16 oz $110). They also carry a bunch or essential oils like tea tree, and oh the Jojoba is $115 for I think an 8 oz.

    For those who don't mind paying a little extra, Bhagans Drugs at Trincity Mall (in tru value) has the Jarrows coconut oil (16 oz $123 and 32 oz $200 sumn)

    Xtra foods at Grand Bazaar also has grape seed oil (17 oz $29 i believe and a larger size for #40 sumn dollars)

    Hope this helps those wondering about prices! I know I always wanted to find out prices.

    1. ohlala! thanks so much for the info! and thanks for reading the blog.

  2. thanks girl...i was shipping the nature way's coconut oil and jojoba oil along with a wet brush when a friend was coming from the US on Saturday and do you know someone in the airport stole it from her luggage along with other valuables...everything came up to $174 ttd so it hurting me to see these products sold down here so expensive. its gonna throw me back atleast 300ttd...sigh...but thanks for the info...i have no choice if i want it...

    1. oh no!! that seriously sucks. I've had that happen to me once and it is not a nice feeling at all. I know these local prices are something else but i guess you got to do what you got to do till better can be done. Thanks for reading and taking the time to post a comment. Be blessed

  3. sweet!!! this is awesome!!!! thank u for sharing

  4. Do you know where can I find natural hair dye! I'm allergic to the commercial ones

  5. Ohhhh,this is interesting! Kk,I buy all my stuff in Pennywise,lolz but its good to know there are lots of other places.I use a mixture of coconut,olive,castor, soybean and bit of peppermint of oil in my hair that I put in a hair applicator.It works great and my hair has grown alot,especially since I trimmed/cut it,lolz.You can all the oils in Pennywise except soybean oil which u can get in any grocery store

  6. Do you know where I can find Henna Hair Color?

  7. Thanks for sharing! Great Blog :-)

  8. Wow. Thank you for taking the time to share. Appreciated.

  9. Great....thanks so much for sharing.