Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Life and Styles of a Working Girl

So if you are my Facebook friend you know that I relocated back home to Trinidad last December and I am now part of the working population. That has presented many challenges, one of which is actually having to give a damn about my hair. I can no longer rock Ceelie braids like I used to when I was a grad student slaving away in a lab not seeing the light of day lmao. 

Now I meet important folk on a daily basis and I wear a suit everyday so my hair needs to be presentable as well. Here's a few pics of the different styles I've rocked thus far. I'll admit some days are better than others but hey, we all have a few lazy days or days  when disaster strikes or we fell asleep instead of washing our hair right?! lol Thankfully I'm appreciated for my brains and personality and most times they love the uniqueness of my hair compared to everybody else so when I have an off day nobody says nuttin lmao enjoy!

When in doubt rock a braidout! Although I will say these are particularly susceptible to my island's ridiculous heat and humidity lol I swear it has gotten way hotter than I can remember from when I left and pretty much everyone agrees. It feels like what Satan's home must feel like

Nice chunky twist out

Medium sized twists. Usually rock these for about 2 weeks, retwisting the edges as necessary

Mini twist time! Rock these a month at a time, retwisting in between. When they get old, roll them up on some flexi rods and it breathes new life into them lol

I would say the majority of the time my hair is in some sort of bun. High, low, with a pompadour, without. When disaster, over-sleeping or laziness strikes (which is pretty often) we bun it up!

Low effortless bun on a Dominican Blowout. 

Updo on twistout hair. Updos last longer than out styles in this humidity. 

Texture shot! 

This style looked pretty swanky but was actually a result of falling asleep and not washing so my hair is soaking in coconut oil from pre-pooing and these twists are actually my detangled and sectioned hair ready to jump in the shower. oh well lmao

Top/front view

Ok so maybe I DO rock Ceelie braids from time to time. At least it looks fairly neat lol


  1. LMAO @ Ceelie braids! Too funny. Your hair is gorgeous MzNappyTrini. Really considering transitioning to natural, your photos inspire me.

    1. LMAO thanks so much Jill, glad I can encourage you. If you have any questions at all or if you need some support if you decide to take the leap just find me on facebook I'll be glad to help in any way I can! thanks for reading and commenting. Be blessed!