Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Tropical Bantu Knot Out Experiment

I tried an overnight experiment on my 4 week old blow-dried hair. I did 6 two strand bantu knots on my head. I used Fekkai Glossing Cream as a moisturiser and also to eliminate frizz and impart some shine to my hair.  A little really does go a long way, I only used a small pea sized amount for each of the 6 sections. I have the 2 oz tube and I expect that to last me YEARSSSSSSSSS lol. After knotting I wrapped it up with my satin scarf. 

Slept with the knots all wrapped up in a satin scarf overnight
Uncovering the bantu knots
Unrolling the knots
I actually had some errands to run that morning so I decided to save the knot out for later. To preserve the waves I did a big bantu knot in the back with all the twists (essentially a bun), wrapped my hair up and threw on a beanie.
Since I wasn't going to wear the knot out immediately i rolled all the twists into one big bantu knot at the back of my head, tied my hair with a  satin scarf to keep it frizz free and smooth, put a bonnet over it then rocked a beanie to run errands

Later than evening I took down the big bantu knot and unraveled my twists to reveal big sexy hair! My first ever Bantu knot out in Trini lol.

Beautiful big voluminous hair
After a night out, to smooth the hair again I divided the hair into 4 sections, detangled with a wide tooth comb, applied some coconut oil and the Fekkai glossing cream, combed them through, then brushed my hair into one, rolled into a bun and tied with a satin scarf.

back to smooth and straight

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