Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fourth week of straight hair - Dominican Blowout 4: Trini Humidity 0

My work style today. I did two flat rolls on either side of my head and gathered in the back for a pinned bun. I used a headband to keep my flyaways/frizz in check
As you may know, I got a Dominican Blowout almost a month ago. I've been dealing with Trini heat and humidity all that time so it's pretty impressive it has stayed straight ish all this time. I must admit, I wore my hair in a bun or similar style most of the time and didn't try to style my hair at all. That contributed greatly to keeping my hair straight. The few times I tried to rock out styles, I could feel it swelling by the minute lol but with the help of some argan oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil I was able to control the frizzing for the most part and recover with more bunning and tying with a satin scarf. As this is my last weekend, I'll probably style it, do some pin curls or a braid out for some big spectacular hair before the washout. And then on wash day I'll be hoping and praying all my curls and kinks and zigzags come back. Stay Tuned!

See how smooth it looks?
Side view of the roll and bun
Back view. Kind of dark but you get the idea
Letting my bun down
Letting my hair down. lol lots of volume and some shrinkage but for all intents and purposes still straight
side view
Shrunk to about armpit length and texture a little wavy
The Back

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