Sunday, January 9, 2011

Huetiful Steamer update

So I continue to have a good experience with the steamer and my hair loves it but there is one thing I don't like about it. Maybe 1.5 things. The one thing is that it doesn't distribute the steam evenly. Most of the steam is concentrated at the front of the hood while the back hardly gets any. I have dealt with this previously by turning my head during steaming so that all areas of my hair get a good steaming. Today I decided to turn my position so that my face is facing the steam generating unit and then I put a towel over the hood extending down to my back so I was totally encapsulated. The result: the steam that usually escapes through the front of the hood is recirculated resulting in a more even steaming experience and more steam concentrated on my hair than escaping. Only warning is to make sure you have a towel to protect your ears and skin from the boiling hot water dripping down. The other half problem I have is I wish the hood were deeper. My hair barely fits so I have to rotate to make sure my nape and edges get steam too. The towel method addresses this but if there is a huetiful steamer 2.0 they need to make the hood deeper and address the steam distribution design.

All the steam escaping via the front of the hood. With the towel over the front half of the hood the steam is forced to recirculate in the hood resulting in a more even steam distribution.

I steamed for 45 mins total today then washed out about 15 minutes later. Usually my deep conditioning process takes HOURS (minimum 2) just because I had been reasoning that the longer it stays on the more my hair will benefit. Over the next couple weeks I will be trying to see what is the minimum time I can leave it on and still have a wonderful results. Today total deep conditioning time was approximately an hour and my curls were just as gorgeous as after an overnight treatment. I'll try to get down to 1/2 hr eventually (the time recommended on the ORS hair mayo bottle) and see what happens. Despite the short comings my curls are definitely loving this new steaming routine. It has also drastically changed my life. My weekend hair washing and detangling usually took an entire day and now I can foresee a future where it takes about 3 hrs tops. per week! lol.

One change from my regular regimen is I am all out of HE longlasting relationship conditioner and I decided to try the suave coconut conditioner again. My hair still loves it, maybe even more than my HE right now so I'll be using that for the next couple months.

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