Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! I'm hoping we all have a productive, successful, safe and blessed 2011. May we all fulfill the vision and mission we have set out for ourselves and keep all our resolutions.

I'm coming up on my one year blogiversary already but I'll leave my reflections on that for the actual day. I was contemplating getting my hair straightened in celebration/ for length check but i'm really liking my curly routine right now so maybe I'll get it done when it gets less dry in the spring or i'll just hold off until my bday as usual, we'll see. But in celebration of the new year I went ahead and did a length check today and all I can say is WOW! 

left: 01/01/2011 almost waist length (WL); right: 01/10/2010 just past arm pit length (APL)

left: 01/01/2011 almost WL; right: 01/10/2010 half way between APL and bra strap length (BSL)
Looks like my hair grew between 4-6 inches depending on where on my head I'm measuring! That's so exciting because it means that I practically retained all my length suggesting that I have got protecting my ends down to a science. I think I will continue growing my hair out this year. My new goal is pants waist/ hip length (~3 inches shy of the crack of my butt lol) by December. I don't know if my hair was ever as long as it is today but I know it's definitely not been pants waist/ hip length before so let's see if I can make it! lol. I intend to stick to my current regimen more or less. The only thing I still need to perfect is my scalp oil so I'll experiment on that in the upcoming weeks. I want to phase out doo grow and move towards my own all natural mix. I'll also probably switch up conditioners, reintroduce my nexxus protein treatment and maybe try raw shea butter or a whip.

Today I did a bit of an experiment and learned something extremely valuable: my hair NEEDS to be conditioned every time I wash it. lol. I ran out of conditioner this week and thought I could just shampoo and deep condition and be ok. Nope. While detangling wasn't a total disaster it was the most difficult it's been in weeks and I had some breakage for the first time in more than six months at least. Never again. I must say though I love my huetiful steamer! I don't know how I managed without this thing lol. It has made washday exponentially less work- and time- intensive.

Today's regimen:
shampoo: herbal essence hello hydration
protein treatment - giovanni protein reconstructor
deep condition - ors hair mayo and ms jessie's rapid recovery (omg this thing smells horrible!)
ACV Rinse - 1 cap in 2 cups cold water
leave in - infusium 23, adapted kimaytube leave-in
scalp oil - doo grow, jojoba and coconut oil
sealant - coconut oil

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