Sunday, January 23, 2011

this winter is not PLAYING!

Snow snow everywhere. In lesser places ppl would have endless snow days but up here we LAUGH at snow and cold. lol

As I am typing I am shivering my timbers. lol. It's supposed to get to a nice friendly -25F up here today. LMAO. For the last couple winters I have been glorying in the effects of climate change with green grass in February and the like but this winter between the abundant snow (fun driving) and this wonderful cold, I don't know what to say. I mean I can't complain too much, after all the skiers deserve to have one good winter too I guess. LMAO can't wait to go skiing and snowboarding with my girls in the next couple weeks. However, it appears the weather is taking a toll on my hair. Nothing too alarming but I am having a little bit of breakage. I am also finding that most of it is around my hair line. I do my best to keep my hair in protective styles, covered up when I'm outside etc etc but i still got some so I'll have to try and address that. I also think my hair wants another coconut prepoo so I will be doing that very soon as well as a protein treatment with my Nexxus.

Today I co-washed, deep-conditioned with my steamer for 20 mins and detangled and did my regular protective style. I think I am going to do smaller twists or braids and give my hair a 2 week break and see what happens. I think I need to switch up my protective styles because I don't want my parts to become permanent. lol. My boo Mar Mar brought me some shea butter from Naija so I'll be making some whip with it soon, look out for that experiment. She also brought me some black soap and I am so looking forward to using it on my skin. I'm trying to move towards more natural skin care products so I'll add a couple posts on that in due course.

Today's regimen
cowash - suave tropical coconut
deep condition - ORS hair mayo
scalp oil - mix of grapeseed oil, olive oil. tea tree and jojoba
leave in - infusium 23 and adapted kimmaytube (cantu shea leave in, redken antisnap, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil and olive oil)
sealant - coconut oil


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