Sunday, January 30, 2011

New protective style

So last week I put in mini two-strand twists and I am using a satin bonnet instead of tying my hair with a scarf to see if it helps the breakage I've been experiencing on my edges. After completing my two strand twist I did two french braids to protect my ends for the week and try to keep them as neat as possible for as long as possible. This week I didn't wash my hair. I just took down the two french braids (omg amazing curly twists!), did a scalp massage with my scalp oil mix from last week, sprayed my hair with infusium 23 and sat under my huetiful for 10 minutes. I then sectioned my hair, sprayed with more infusium, applied my homemade leave in, used some extra redken antisnap on my ends and sealed with coconut oil. I then re-braided my twists in 3 french braids, 2 on the sides kind of circling my head and one down the middle. I then braided the three ends and tucked the end, baggyed my ends and put on my scarf for the day to control frizz. I still don't have batteries in my camera but I'll make sure and get some asap and update with pics. I liked the 2 french braid effects except that the middle part is too pronounced. I have a semi-formal event next week so anticipating that, I braided my hair such that there will be no pronounced part and I'll have wonderfully bouncy curls framing my face. I'm so excited. lol. I'm trying to leave these twists in for at least a month. I'll wash next week and then try for another 2 week span after that. If it works, this may just be my new simplified routine until cute season aka spring/summa time rolls around again lol. wish me luck!

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