Sunday, March 6, 2011


Lord knows I'm too busy to be writing blog posts right now but it would be remiss of me MzNappyTRINI to not have a carnival post! LMAO unfortch, I'm not in Trini for carnival this year but I have been living vicariously via live internet streaming. LMAO 

Soca Monarch was BACCHANAL! Errrbody knows (Phaedra voice) Iwer win that clear but say what, what is carnival without bacchanal eh?!! Congrats to Kes and Benjai, loved their performances. 

Panorama oh my lord! Panorama was such a joy. I have to give props to the folks at for a WONDERFUL online viewing experience. The people at C can definitely learn from you guys. Professional, HD, educational experience. I'm looking forward to their broadcasts tonight for the Dimanche Gras show as well as Tuesday mas.

Check out my facebook for links of my favorite soca monarch and panorama performances. If we aren't friends already, go ahead and add me, I won't bite! promise lol

In closing here are my 20 favorite tunes this year (I started with 5 and couldn't stop. LMAO) In no particular order:

My Trini ppl have a safe and fun carnival! Don't drink and drive, buckle up and protect yourself because HIV IS REAL!


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