Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tangle Teezer: It's da BUSINESS! >>> WINNING!!!


My very own purple tangle teezer. Yay!

Yup. I've been trying it for 2 weeks now. I used it on freshly washed hair as well as on unwashed dry/damp hair and the consensus is: this thing is amazing! I was skeptical when I saw it in the box but when I took it out and felt the bristles they were way softer and more pliable than they looked. I used it immediately on a small section of my dry hair and detangling was a breeze. I then did my coconut prepoo, cowashed, deep contioned and acv rinse and used it to detangle my entire head: amazing! it is so smoothing and the tangles just seem to melt away. Then yesterday I used it on my unwashed hair, dampened with infusium 23 and Hawaiian silky 14 in 1and again, detangling was thorough and so easy it's crazy.

left - average shedding pre mini twist disaster
right - shedding 2 weeks post, with tangle teezer

left - months worth of hair
right - first detangling session with tangle teezer. I think my hair was thoroughly detangled and smooth after this. Good platform to start the post setback recovery. lol

2 weeks worth of hair after 2nd tangle teezer session

I think my hair is back to pre-mini twist detangling disaster bliss. I'm trying to go a month without washing, detangling and re-twisting my hair every two weeks. I started out with my regular big twists but this week I did some medium sized ones which will hopefully last me till the end of the month.

Rocking my twists today

PS how cute are my nails right now

Accent nail basecoat is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Lacey Lilac. Black Ruffian nail accent, highlighted with So Easy Stripe Rite shimmery silver. Other nails, basecoat Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff in Bliss Frost with animal print highlights in same colors as accent nail.

Nude is Forever 21 Love and Beauty in Peach. Accent nail base coat is Savvy Ebony Black, top coat China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Broken Hearted. Loving the crackle these days. My toes are rocking them too, basecoat  is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Blue Me Away

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