Monday, March 28, 2011

Straight hair regimen

My usual protective style. I wrap my hair in a loose bun, secure it with a scrunchie and tie with a scarf for 10-15 minutes to smooth my edges. Keeps my ends nice and tucked away and helps maintain the straight without tangling and frizzing.

My straight hair regimen is pretty simple. I do as little with it as possible to maintain the style for as long as possible. After all it did take 3 people 2.5 hrs to do. I usually wear my hair in a bun, wrapping my hair and tying with a satin scarf at night. I try to change the direction of my wrap often so as not to have pressure on the same areas constantly. As the style gets older, I may braid or twist it. I don't add anymore product to my hair except to lightly oil my scalp as needed (probably once a week or every two weeks) and to apply some coconut oil to my hair once a week. That's it. I'm trying to make this last a month, hopefully I don't get caught unprepared in a wintry mix. lol

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