Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adventures with Pin Curls

As promised, I did a little pin curl experiment this week. On Thursday morning I brushed out my hair and parted it down the middle. I then put a headband on to smooth my edges and did 8 pin curls on each side. I then tied my whole head with a satin scarf and kept my hair under wraps until last night. I didn't use any product and again I used my tangle teezer for smoothing. I realized I need a new collection of hair pins because the ones I have are starting to snag.

Right after I got done, showing the headband and my well executed first time curls.
Back view

Last night I took off my scarf and I was like damn, I can rock this out as is, it looked so smooth and cute lol. I then started taking down my curls. I can safely say I will probably never rollerset my hair again.

I think I can rock this out the house as a style all its own. lol

The result I get with the pin curls is so much better and it's waaaaaay more comfortable to sleep on, not to mention you can go about getting your curl on incognito and still look cute. Anyways here was the final result

look at those beautiful, well formed, shiny cascading curls. no product or heat necessary. And you can sleep comfortably at night. 
When I came home last night I wrapped my hair again. Two weeks in and my hair is still straight as the day it got done so it looks like I'm well on my way to keeping this for a month. I think my next experiment is going to be a bantu knot out so stay tuned!


  1. are rockin it out! lol I can't wait to rock this style! Too cute. :)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait till my hair is this length. :)