Saturday, April 16, 2011

Adventures with Bantu Knots

As promised, I tried a bantu knot-out this week. First off, these things are so uncomfortable to sleep in, they are right up there with rollers. Second, you can't rock these incognito until you are ready for the reveal. lol. I put in some big ones on a whim Thursday night and then had to go to work Friday morning. they weren't neat enough or cute enough to wear as is so I took them down and rocked a messy curly bun for the day, trying not to disturb the curls too much. it was pretty enough at initial take down, nice defined spiral curls.

My big lazy chinee bumps

Immediately after take down. Cute enough to try again I think

Messy Bun

Later that night, I took down the bun and some of the curls had fared better than others but it still looked pretty fierce. I will probably do this again but do smaller knots for more curly definition and also just do them morning of so I don't have to sleep on them.

My next experiment will be paper bag curls. Stay tuned!