Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adventures in rollersetting

I decided to try a little experiment with rollersetting to see how it would work with my straight hair. Yesterday I used rollers of varying sizes and rollerset my hair with no additional product. I used my tangle teezer to smooth my hair. I slept on it overnight (why doesn't errrrbody love to sleep with curlers in their hair; it's like the most COMFORTABLE thing EVERRRR! lol). I took it down this afternoon to reveal beautiful curls and waves and hair full of body and movement. 

Not the neatest but it will do for a first attempt. I like the small for more defined spring spirals and the large for lovely waves.

Oh snap look at the Black goldilocks. LMAO
PS I am feeling my nails right now

The finished product
I then promptly wrapped it as I ain't got nowhere to go looking all cute. LMAO next weekend I'll try overnight pincurls and see what happens.


  1. thanks Bri! and omg I love ur new work! I can't wait to see ur adventure in clay/cloth develop. and ur hair is tempting me to chop mine. lol. I need to do a feature on you one of these good days. I can't keep all that love to myself. I know u started the year with some soul searching but i see even greater things ahead. keep on keeping on sis!