Monday, March 12, 2012

The Missing Chronicles of August 2011 - February 2012: Styles I've Rocked

To say my hair has been through some changes would be an understatement. More details to come in other posts but I'll let these pics do some of the talking.

Braid-out using Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk 

Chunky Juicy Fro done using my homemade spritz 

Rocking two french braids or 'canerows'. Combed my hair out dry, or I attempted to, in order to do this style for a smooth finish. Can we say epic fail? lol There is a reason I have banished the comb and that reason is called breakage.  

The resulting curly fro after taking out two french braids

Another chunky fro. Also did my boo's hair. To neaten his locs I palmrolled using Jane Carter's wrap and roll setting lotion and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I then made about 8 large braids using his locs and then wrapped them on each other to create what he calls a rose.  

Wash and Go, no shingling

Twistout style using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie 

Front of twist-out style 

Rocking Mini Twists. These lasted about a month 

Did a Page 56 style on my gf P. Multiple Flat-twists coming across horizontally from the right ear  and then two french braids on the left side. Very chic! Used Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie as the style aid. 
Inspiration video for this style by Ms MahoganyKnots from Youtube can be found here

Twistout on blow dried hair. Wish I got to take a pic of the blow dried hair before the humidity hit it, it was gloriously huge! can't wait to do that and go out in Trini LMAO

The beginnings of a failed rodset. Used Jane Carter wrap and roll for a setting lotion. The ends and middle turned out great but the roots were very frizzy 

The ending of a failed rodsetting attempt. 4 canerows on each side, A textured pompadour on top and swept the rest into a high pony and threw a piece on that. lol Got to have that emergency piece I tell you.

My other fall back - the Bun. When in doubt, spritz hair with water, slap on some ecostyler, bring out the boar bristle brush and pull that hair into a bun. Tie down my edges with a  satin scarf for a few to smooth the edges and voila! 

A closeup of the bun action. In this one I wrapped the base of the bun with a braid. 

Been experimenting with more roll and tuck protective styles lately. Particularly loving the texture in this pic. This style is inspired by ACurlsBestFriend (Youtube)

The inspiration video for the style above - ACurlsBestFriend

Victory Roll-esque updo inspired by Ms. FusionofCultures on Youtube 

Side View of the victory roll updo 

The inspiration video done by Ms FusionofCultures

When in doubt, just throw on a beanie and go lol

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