Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mid week update - french braided mini 2 strand twists

As promised here are the pics!

week 1 - 2 strand twisted my hair and then did two french braids to protect my ends and control the frizz

week 1 - back view. I 'bunned' the ends all week so they wouldn't rub on all my wonderful winter clothing

week 2 - after refreshing my moisture, I did 3 french braids: 2 overlapping in the front and circling either side of my head and one down the center

braided the three at the end, tucked and baggyed at night

wore it like this during the day


  1. why did u put your hair in a bag?Am guessing to retain moisture in the ends.

    1. exactly. It's called the baggying method. Basically you moisturize with your favorite leave in, seal your ends how you prefer, I use an oil, and then baggy overnight. You wake up in teh morning with moisturized ends and reduce breakage. To be honest I have fallen waaaaayyyyyy off the baggy wagon (and I can tell the difference) but I need to get back on soon. Thanks for reading!