Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tangle Teezer Update: Not WINNING!!!! Anymore :(

Yes folks. I think I may have to retire my beloved TT. Lord knows I was in heaven when I found something that glided through my hair so easily. But after a while the scientist in me got to wondering about the mechanism of this thing. How exactly does it get through those tangles? I also started noticing way more breakage than I normally would. Mind you for about a year I had ZERO breakage: every strand on my comb and finger was full length. Then slowly but surely I started seeing those little 1cm strands, then longer ones and then so much more. And my problem area, the front of my hair just seemed to be getting worse no matter what I did. Now not to cause alarm, I would say that even now my breakage really isn't anything to write home about, however, coming from a place where I had none, any amount is concerning.

My bday wig lol

One day I decided to get to the bottom of this dilemma. I rocked a wig for my birthday and with all my intense dancing and sweating, the nape area of the wig was EXTREMELY matted. So I told myself "Self, how about we try the tangle teezer on this?!!!" Well folks suffice it to say I now know how the TT dissolves those knots: it is chopping them off strand by strand. lol yup. By the time I was done detangling the matted hair, the 6-8 inch hair at the nape was a sparse 4 inch or less lmao. My APL wig was almost a bob when I got done. So yeah, I reverted to my comb and fingers with a quickness. I'll prob still keep it in case of emergencies. I even used it this weekend as a last pass on my hair in a wash and go but I knew I was doing damage. 

This is so heart breaking but I think I have to break up with my tangle teezer. I think I'll try a denman next. The worse that will do is pull my hair out, not chop it off. lol What have your experiences been?


  1. I broke up with my tangle teezer after one week. I started seeing split ends and I NEVER get split ends since I've been natural. It was literally splitting my strands in two.

    I was going to pick it up again since you've been using it, but definitely not now

  2. yeah i wouldn't advise you too unless you have no choice. Thanks for sharing your experience