Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Further Experiments with Ms Jessie's - Quick Curls and Curly Meringue

Ms Jessie's Sample Pack

I've done quite a few posts on my experimentation with Ms Jessie's products but within recent weeks I have found myself using my stash more consistently. My sister got me their sample pack (pictured above) back in 2010 and I reviewed some of the contents here. While I've used the curly pudding and buttercreme numerous times since, I only just got around to the quick curls and the curly meringue this week. 

Recent Curly Pudding Twist-out

For the Ms Jessie's Quick Curls experiment, I began on wet hair, having rinsed out previously used products in my hair using water only.

My rinsed hair with no product
Wet Hair, no product. That's what 75% + shrinkage looks like lol

I divided my wet hair into medium sized sections, spritzed each section with a water/ rose water/ acv mix, then applied a quarter size amount of quick curls to each section. I used the water mix to make sure all the sections were equally wet before applying the product. The acv was added to acidify the solution, eliminating frizz and making my curls pop.   

immediately after applying the Quick Curls

The most impressive thing about this product for me was its detangling abilities. I did not attempt to comb or detangle my hair prior to adding the product, but I could literally feel whatever tangles there were melting away as I smoothed the product through each section. For the minimal effort put into applying the product (no shingling and I applied it to my entire head in about 10 minutes), it did an excellent job defining every single curl on my head, probably better than any gel or curling custard I have ever tried. I also loved the scent, it's fresh, refreshing and lemongrassy lol.

Every single curl is defined.

As with all my wash and goes, the shrinkage I got was amazing! ppl were trying to figure out if I had cut my hair or what was going on with all them curls lol.

80% dry. Yes I still have mbl hair but I can live vicariously and pretend to have a baby fro when I feel like lol. Got to love the versatility of natural kinky 4abz hair.
I used the pineapple method to protect the style overnight and woke up the next morning to still cute-looking but extremely DRY hair! From the pineapple-ing the hair in the back was more stretched than the hair in the front but that can easily be rectified by spritzing with some water until all hair is back to a uniform level, if that is the look you are going for. On this day I didn't have anywhere to go so I just let it be.

 I decided to experiment further to see what kind of curls I could get if I stretched it using the Ms Jessie's Curly Meringue. Although my hair was the driest it had been in a long while, I didn't moisturize or spritz it as I wanted it to be maximally stretched. I did 8 2-strand twists and 2 flat twists at the top of my head as I wanted a side swept bang look. The resulting twist-out was even drier and kind of hard (I guess they weren't joking when they said the curly meringue had the maximal hold of all their stylers) but absolutely big and fab! I softened it up using some argan oil and Ms Jessie's Babby Buttercreme and it was good to go. Heads definitely turned: big kinky hair in broad daylight for no special event or purpose is kinda rare in Trinidad lmao. I personally find it liberating and feeling the breeze blow through your hair in this dry season heat is a blessing.

texture shot. I got's all kinds going on here lol

side view. I did two flat twists across the top/front of my head for a side swept bang effect

Today's style - all hair pinned to the side. 

Who doesn't like big hair?! lol

I later experimented with pinning it up a la Chary Jay as she so elegantly demonstrated in this video.

This is my interpretation

Ms Chary rocked a Fedora. I rocked my momma's yard hat lmao

The side/back. SO much texture going on! I love it

I expect to experiment some more with the curly meringue and I still need to try the Ms Jessie's Stretch Silkening Creme so stay tuned for future trials (and maybe tribulations lol)

Stay Blessed!

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