Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ACV Rinse and pH control

So I have been experimenting with the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinse and I think I like it. It started when I was on vacation with those two strand twists in my hair. One day after washing my hair I had the scalp itchies so bad I was like oh my lord give me something! I look around the kitchen, I see some Braggs, I grab it up and I start making a concoction. I didn't have internet access right that minute but I had remembered reading somewhere some time ago that ACV helps eliminate itchy scalp. So I mixed 3 cups of water with 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar. Then on a whim I added a dash of baking soda and some honey (don't know why but they were in the kitchen lol). Mixed it up good and poured that baby over my head. Lord the smell! LMAO But miracle of miracles: the itching was gone. I hopped in the shower to run some water and a dash of herbal essences hello hydration conditioner in my hair to get rid of the smell, concentrating on the hair so as not to wash the rinse from my scalp and thus defeat the whole purpose of the exercise.

Later that day when I did get some internet I started researching what I was actually supposed to put in the ACV rinse, in terms of amounts and such. I realized that my honey hunch was a good tip because honey also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. I also stumbled across this video by Kimmaytube on youtube explaining pH balance as it relates to hair:

pH balance TEST results BONUS video

In the video she does pH tests on common homemade recipes ppl use for hair care: ACV rinse, baking soda etc. She also goes into detail about the ideal pH range for our hair, general hair structure and the effect different pHs have on our hair. The most important take away message: 

Alkali (high pH) substances open up the hair cuticle while acidic (low pH) substances lay the cuticle flat 

Honestly, I had never thought about the pH of the stuff I have been putting on my hair before so this video really opened my eyes. It seems that my instincts are good though because by mixing in some baking soda with my ACV I had essentially raised/ neutralized the pH. This is good because turns out 2 tbs ACV in 3 cups of water is too acidic for our hair! lol.

Since my aha moment I continue to do an ACV rinse every week when I am done washing/deep conditioning. However I use one capful in 2 cups of water (pH 4 - 4.5). It still stops the itchies and now I am also laying my cuticles flat and not damaging my hair. I think the rest of the videos Kimmaytube does on Hair Structure and pH balance are really important to anyone trying to understand their head of natural hair so I am posting the links below. 

The Structure of Hair - Part 1 The Basics
The Structure of Hair Part 2 - pH Balance Basics
Structure of Hair Part 3 -Are you taking your hair on a pH roller coaster ride?
Structure of Hair Part 4 - Using pH Balance Properly for Hair-Care

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