Sunday, August 22, 2010

Foray back into Nexxus

So after my wonderful shampoo today (read about my new washing technique) it was time for my once-a-month protein treatment. I had been using the Giovanni protein reconstructor for the last few months because it was way cheaper than Nexxus and also because the last time I had used the Nexxus Emergencee Strengthening Polymeric Reconstructor the results had been disappointing. I had written this off to a new formula (the bottles have changed so I assumed the change in the results I achieved with the product had to do with a new fomulation). I had even gone to the Co-op this morning to get my Giovanni but after the amazing results of my shampoo I decided to use the last of the Nexxus I still had to see what would happen.

Results: amazing! Just like I remember in the olden days, even better than what I get with the Giovanni. But before I get too excited, I'll have to wait for next month to repeat my new shampoo method and use the Giovanni treatment and see what the results are. At least I'm glad that Nexus is still wonderful because I was utterly disappointed when a product I had listed as one of the products I can't live without had been relegated to products that make me go GAHHH! lol

As I am typing this I am deep conditioning with an ORS replenishing pack. I might do a length check when I wash this out or maybe just take some pictures of my virgin hair to share. check back for a later post.

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