Sunday, August 22, 2010

Styles from this weekend

Been hanging out with my boo boos this weekend, love me my gfs! lol. I had my hair in about 20-25 box braids for the last two weeks. Friday night I took them out and rocked a Janelle Monae inspired updo to a ho-down. Saturday I hung out with my gfs all day and I rocked some double buns with a flower a la FeistyKoo. Didn't take a pic though so I'll have to recreate it at some point and post the pic later. Saturday night I rocked another updo on my old braidout hair, this time a single flat twist coming up to the front of my head and then twirling and pinning the end at the front a la Alicia Keys. Then this morning (or afternoon, who's keeping track. lol) I woke up and realized I didn't have my Giovanni for my protein treatment. so I untwirled my flat twist from the night before, pinned my loose hair to the side with three bobby pins and voila! gorgeous curly side-afro and out da door to the Coop. lol. enjoy the pics!
Friday Night Janelle Monae inspired up do.

Saturday night flat twist updo and front twirl end
Sunday morning side do. 3 pins is all it took. lol

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