Monday, August 16, 2010

August Update

Hi Folks,
It's been awhile. Nothing exciting on my front, still on the same regimen, seems to be working great. I'm trying to use up all the various products I have so I can start a fresh round of experimenting. I think I'm going to try some homemade stuff next. Will keep you in the loop on that front. I have added more links (see sidebar) for some new hair styling resources and some web resources for all the newly natural, contemplating natural or even the old naturals trying to find some new funky styles.

I want to send a special shoutout to the folks who have clicked on the follow button. When I started writing this blog I had no idea if I was actually going to share it with anybody so it is truly a blessing to be able to share my journey with you. I am humbled that you thought the content over here was useful to you. Thank you all for the support and I hope you find this site helpful. Please email me with any questions, comments or suggestions you have for things I can do to help make your journey easier at I'll try my best to address them.

On that happy note, here are a few pics of styles I've rocked recently. Enjoy and  Stay Nappy!

Rocking a wash and go faux hawk

Can't go wrong with them forever 21 tams 
Night on the town.
Used Ecostyler for the slick to the bun and Ecostyler for my curly swoop.
Love that stuff!

Wrapped my hair up for a little BBQing. Added a flower when I was done wrapping
Braidout heading to open mike night.

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