Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trying Ms Jessie's

So I finally got my hands on some Ms Jessie's products (Thanks Anita!). I took down my 10 protective box braids one by one and sprayed with water to dampen my hair. I then used the Curly Pudding, using a nickel size amount per section and raked it through my hair. I then divided each braid section into smaller sections, applied a fingertip of Baby Buttercreme to each smaller section and two strand twisted. Immediately I can say that it stretches out my hair wonderfully and it smoothes the frizz perfectly. It is not greasy, has a nice scent and has some good hold to it because usually if i two strand twist my hair from the root (as opposed to braiding then twisting) it doesn't hold.

Less is more with these products, u really only need a small amount so in that case, since u can get many hairstyles worth from even the 2 oz container it just might be worth the try. I will warn that I have ben told that the curly pudding flakes so i used a small amount but I'll have to wait till it dries to see if I get any flaking. Once I was done two strand twisting I pulled my hair into a low ponytail and then banded it and put a curler at the end to curl the ends. I have a pic of the two strand twists right after I was done with my whole head as well as my banded pony. I'll post more pics later on when it is dry and when I rock my twistout. Enjoy!
Right after I got done twisting my whole head, the white stuff eventually goes away but I'll have to wait until it dries to see if there is flakiness
My Banding technique for combating my shrinkage. I gather all the twists into a low pony and then use ouchless scrunchies to band along the pony. I then curl the very end of the pony using a roller.


  1. I don't band because I think my hair is too short for it, although if stretched I think it is close to SL. Should I try banding?

  2. There is def no harm in trying! If ur hair is too short to get in one low pony maybe u can try doing one high pony and another low pony and band each of them. hth!