Saturday, July 16, 2011

National Headwrap Day

The lovely Ms S invited me to participate in this wonderful event. By now you all know I LURVEEEEE my Headwraps. It was great to share that love with others for one day. For this one I used this beautiful delicate scarf I found at H&M. I folded into a large square and then folded the square into a triangle. I put the straight edge around the back of my head with the peak of the triangle towards my forehead. I then grabbed the two edges and made a knot over the peak. I pulled the peak forward to smooth the scarf on my head then folded the peak over the knot and tucked under/behind it. I then fashioned the remaining cloth of the two edges into a bow by strategically tucking into/under the knot. As always, I'm rocking my protective satin scarf under this creation.

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