Wednesday, July 13, 2011

These Are My Confessions...


I've been a bad bad girl. lol. As you can probably judge from the myriad of posts I have been posting lately (NOT), I have been kind of ignoring my hair. I got cornrows in May and since then I have been coasting on easy street. While in 'rows I washed, co-washed and deep-conditioned a few times, used what was left of my last batch of homemade leave in and didn't do much else. Midweek spritzing with Infusium? Maybs. Baggying? Ummm what's that again? lol 

Then 4th of July weekend I took my 'rows out, did a pre-poo with coconut oil and dry detangled/removed shed hair. That was an effort, took me about as long as it took to put them in (4-5 hrs) and resulted in a nice big ball of shed hair and a crazy looking fro.

on par for what I usually shed in a month

look at all that hair

I tried a new wash routine: twist my hair into 16  two strand twists and do the entire wash, condition, deep-condition, acv rinse routine with them in. That was easy enough, it only took me a little over an hour. Unfortunately, I couldn't do my immediate detangle, moisturise, put in a protective style routine as I had to jump on a plane (yes I flew with naked hair and I liked it! lol). The unfortunate part is that as I have said on numerous occasions, my hair thinks it's rasta, yes the dread kind, so by the time I got around to moisturize 24hrs later, not only was I in a hotel with only products that could fit in a ziplock bag but my tangles were frightful. lol Lucky for me, it turns out that hotel water is almost as good as my infusium for detangling purposes and my free sample of Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee from Qhemet Biologics is also an excellent detangler and moisturiser! I was successfully able to detangle and twist my hair in about 2.5 hrs and rocked a lovely twistout updo to my friend's wedding the next day.  

July 4th was also National Afro Day so I rocked a mean curly afro for the occasion

From then to now I kinda have been... rocking a curly afro lol. Why? part busy, part lazy. Because I wanted my fro to remain fairly defined and big I was scared to spritz because water+my hair = tangles and locs. So I have been experimenting with using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie as my leave in. It seems to work great but it definitely eventually leads to greasy buildup. 

Curly Fro a la Esperanza lol

I did another prepoo/detangling session with coconut oil last night and I didn't have that much tangling or shedding which was a welcome surprise. I then washed with hello hydration shampoo, conditioned with my suave tropical coconut, deep conditioned in the shower with hollywood beauty carrot cholesterol deep conditioning creme. My hair definitely let out a sigh of relief. As I applied my leave-in I could definitely feel my hair needing some TLC: it feels rougher than usual, probably because I haven't baggy-ed my ends in so long and also because I have been rocking more out styles recently and not moisturizing as much. So this is me confessing and vowing to do better. I have a plan and I'm gonna try my darndest to stick to it!


  1. I'm on the same boat. At least your hair looks better than my two braided pong pongs. (And I know u know what that is cus u went a certain high school hahaha)

  2. Bwahahahahhah ok ponga ponga, ur fb comment now make sense lol