Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer 2011 - Regimen update

You know it's summer when you are driving around minding your business when all of a sudden  a hot air balloon lands in front of you. lol

As I revealed in my confessions post, I haven't been as good to my hair as I know how to lately and I am going to do better. For one, my once a month washing routine won't work in this heat. For two (lol), summertime = cute hair time so I'll probably be rocking more out styles and changing my style more often so I'll have to change my routine to suit. For three, I anticipate quite a bit of travelling so that will also affect my hair styling and haircare so I need to plan. These are the changes I'm going to be implementing to try to keep my hair healthy this summer:

  1. Washing
    • Wash every one to two weeks
    • Do an oil Prepoo everytime I wash to finger detangle and remove shed hair then braid hair into 10 loose braids (washing loose will take hours, washing in twists leads to locs so braids it is)
    • Shampoo, condition and deep condition every wash day
    • Wash my hair in the prepoo braids
    • When shampooing focus on the scalp and then while the shampoo is still in the hair, coat in conditioner and then rinse. 
    • Try to do a Steam treatment at least once a month but every wash day is ideal
    • ACV rinse every wash day

  2. Moisturizing
    • On wash day, moisturize with my homemade leave in
    • Try using the homemade leave in on dry hair between washes
    • During the week spritz with infusium 23 and baggy often
    • When rocking out styles, if possible try to retwist/braid at night and baggy, use shea moisture or homemade leave in to moisturize
    • When rocking wash and goes, spritz daily (try a glycerin/rosewater mix)
    • Seal with coconut oil

  3. Styling
    • Finger detangle as much as possible. Only use a comb when absolutely necessary. Use the TT as a last resort
    • For twists and braids - Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
    • For Wash and Go - experiment with KCKT/ KCCC, Infusium/Giovanni direct/Carefree Curl Gold Instant Activator/IC Fantasia. If just refreshing a wash and go, forego all the typical wash day shenanigans and simply water rinse or cowash.

  4. Protecting
    • Always sleep on a satin pillow case/ with a satin bonnet
    • Try to retwist/rebraid often to baggy ends
    • For next day out styles, pineapple the hair overnight

  5. Other
    • Exercise
    • Drink more water
    • Take my supplements
    • Eat more fresh/natural food
    • Reduce stress

Any other ideas on other things I can do?

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