Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coconut Prepoo

Last night I did my coconut prepoo to detangle my hair that has been in mini 2-strand twists for four weeks.

2nd day twist out before prepoo

The recipe I use is as follows

  • 2 tbs coconut oil
  • 2 tbs coconut cream (I use Goya coconut milk. I place the milk in a glass container and leave it uncovered in the fridge for about two days so the cream can float to the top and some of the water will vaporise. I scoop the cream off the top.)
  • 12 oz plain fat free yogurt
Take the yogurt out of the fridge at least one hour before mixing to get it to room temperature. Microwave the coconut milk for a minute to melt it. Mix the cream into the yogurt and then pour the melted oil into the yogurt as well and mix thoroughly for a creamy consistency.

My ingredients
After mixing consistency is thick and creamy. Notice the spoon is standing in the mixture
I then sectioned my dry hair into four, and section by section I applied the mix from root to tip to small pieces of hair at a time, making sure every strand gets coated. As you apply the mix you instantly feel the detangling and shed strands become easy to remove. You will also observe that your curls clump and are more elongated than they would usually be if you were to wet your hair.
Sectioned my hair in four. I am holding the last bottom section in my hands.

The size of a typical sub-section of hair before applying the mixture.
The same section of hair after adding the mixture. notice the clumping and elongation of my curls

Once I completed my entire head I smoothed it all into a bun, put a plastic cap over it, wrapped a towel around that to soak up any of the mixture leaking out and went to bed.

Next morning, I removed the towel and the cap and steamed with my huetiful for 20 minutes. I then shampooed my hair with HE Hello Hydration, conditioned with Suave Tropical coconut and deep conditioned with ORS Hair Mayo. I followed that up with my usual ACV rinse.
next morning

Post wash and condition. My curl pattern is still very much the same but this definitely made detangling way easier.


  1. Where did u source your ingredients? I've been wanting to try this for a while now...but no luck in sourcing the right sucks that nowhere in T'dad u can get full-fat yogurt.i read that the fullfat yogurt is better for loosening the curl pattern, but apparently regular ol fat-free is working for u...I'll def give this a try now

  2. I'm actually in the US right now so I just got them at my local grocery store. I haven't had any curl loosening and lord knows I would die if that happened. lol ok maybe not die but i would be extremely sad.

    Any yogurt would probably do, the active ingredient that aids in the detangling for me is really the lactic acid and you get that in any type of yogurt so definitely experiment with whatever you can find. I find that it doesn't actually change my curl pattern, it just makes my hair softer and makes detangling way easier because all my curls clump better. I guess it would have a similar softening effect on your new growth. I used this mixture on one of my relaxed gfs and she liked the results as well so good luck with it. let me know what u eventually use and if you like it.