Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mini Happy Rant - to touch or not to touch

So in the natural blogosphere ppl are freaking out cuz the Biebs patted Esperanza's hair.

My take: if Esperanza is cool with it, y U tripping? lol

Don't tell me if u were in the presence of such beauty you wouldn't be tempted to touch the fro too. LMAO

This is a recurring issue in the natural community. Somebody always has a story bout 'these white folk' trying to touch their hair. News flash: maybe I've been around white ppl too much but I'm as black as they come and I touch ppl hair too! Just a few weeks ago I was heading to a semi formal and this white chick had the most beautifully executed flat twists and pin curls on her head I have ever seen and I was like "honey child did u do that urself?!!! that ish is CAYUTE! can i touch it?" lol 

It ain't a black thing yall it's a cute hair thing! If ur hair looks good or different from the norm ppl are curious and they wanna touch. 

Now I get that some ppl think it's rude that ppl don't ask before they touch. It is rude, guilty as charged. But hey, when I'm in a club surrounded by yaki, remi and kanekelon and then out of the darkness I see a huge afro, or a cute twistout or well executed curly updo I can't help my sunbeam smile and my body beelining to go tell her how cute and fierce she look. And sometimes my hand is way ahead of my mouth asking permission to touch. And most times the feeling is mutual and before u know it we're both all up in each other's hair and ppl around us are looking at us like "what in the world?!"  LMAO

All this to say maybe we need to chill and realize that we are humans, curious by nature. It's your right to be mad if ppl touch u if u don't wanna be touched, personal space should be respected. But please don't over-analyze the motives of the touchers and don't try to make those of us who don't see the big deal feel bad. lmao. 

PS Acting like only white ppl do this makes us sound ignorant, umkay.

Happy rant over!

Have a Blessed day yall!

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