Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today's special - the Head wrap

No accidents were caused by taking this pic while driving. lol.

So we are experiencing an epic snow storm right now, should be getting between 12-18 inches by the time it's done tomorrow afternoon. Mind you it started last night and literally hasn't stopped since. Makes for great driving I tell you. 

Anyhooo, today I decided to rock a head wrap, and here's how it turned out.
rocking my Africa

To do this I first baggyed my ends and used my satin scarf to wrap my hair. I then used my white cotton scarf over that. I formed it into an elongated rectangle, smoothed it over the satin scarf and tied it in the back of my head like you would tie a shoe lace in a double knot and tucked the ends. I then used another green fancy scarf, much less material and also a lighter material than the white cloth, and tied a knot under the knot formed with the white scarf and then wrapped it over the knot, forming a bow to a side. 

This description sounds tedious but hopefully you get the jist of it. If I ever get the itch to make videos I'll be sure to make one for this and other head wraps I do. I rock headwraps (and/or turbans as we are calling them these days lmao) all year long whenever I'm in the mood. Very convenient, always a conversation starter and accentuates your facial features like no other.

Happy Wrapping!


  1. I like how you wrapped two colors into that wrap. Which is good, because you can have have just a few main headwraps and then just change the second color for added flair and to match. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. No prob! thanks for reading and commenting!