Monday, February 7, 2011

Mini Twist wash

Today I carefully co-washed and deep conditioned my mini 2 strand twists. I made sure to concentrate on cleansing my scalp as well as washing out as much product buildup as possible. I washed like I wash my loose hair, sectioned in four sections and gently running my palms down the length of my hair trying to disturb the curls as little as possible. I then used the pads of my fingers to massage and cleanse my scalp. The next time I wash my hair will be two weeks from now when I take these twists down. I am hoping and praying that they stay relatively neat and that they don't turn to dreds. lol we'll see how it goes. 

stretching my dirty twists pre-wash. I love that my twists kind of look like sister locks right now. 

Post co-wash with ORS hair mayo pre-steaming

After steaming for 15 minutes with my huetiful hair steamer
post washing out the hair mayo and a cold acv rinse. Nice and clean!
 Today's Regimen

Co-wash - Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner
Deep Condition - ORS Hair Mayo
Leave in - infusium 23 and my adapted kimmaytube leave in minus the cantu
Sealant - coconut oil
scalp oil - tea tree, jojoba and grapeseed oil

After letting my hair air dry for a while I applied my leave in and sealant and then put in three flat twists, braided the ends and tucked my hair to rock for another week.

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