Monday, February 21, 2011

Mini Two Strand Twists - the verdict

So, will I stick to month long mini two strand twists as my new protective style? Look at the picture and tell me what you think I decided

Left bag - this weeks shed hair, right bag - shed hair from the week I put in my twists. Granted the left is 4 weeks of shed hair compared to one week, that is still a lot! Lots of that is broken hair as opposed to truly shed hair.

Determination: HELLLL NAH! 

Man, look at how much hair I lost! lol. It took me a full 2.5 hrs to detangle and style my hair post deep condition and ACV rinse, a process that usually takes an hour. there were so many disturbing tangles, I even had to cut two because I just couldn't. lol so yeah. I will def rock mini twists again because they are stylish, easily styled and the resulting twist out is phenomenal but I am NOT leaving these babies in my hair this long again ever or washing with them in. I think that's the main problem. Once my hair gets in water, it gets freaky and wants to flirt with other strands resulting in tangles, locs and general detangling disaster.

Hair post Deep Condition and ACV Rinse

This week I put my hair in about 22 box braids to recoup. I'm going to try to leave them in for 2 weeks and not wash for two weeks. I won't be surprised if I had a length and health set back because of those mini twists. So much breakage yall. And look at the size of that hair ball! (tear) 

For this week's leave-in mixture I used Hollywood beauty's carrot creme instead of Cantu and I like it a lot. It gives my mixture a thicker consistency and is much easier to use with less wastage. Depending on how my hair responds I might permanently replace the Cantu with this. As of right now my hair is nice and shiny and breathing a sigh of relief.

I think the next purchase I make is going to be a tangle teezer. I have to try that thing out because as my hair is getting longer my comb is just not doing it for me as it used to. Especially last night, I had to take most of those tangles out by hand because my comb was ripping my hair out. 

I'm also contemplating getting my hair straightened and possibly getting a trim. I think I need a break from the curlies for a while, not deal with tangles (do I sound traumatized or what) lol. I also noticed a lot of fairy (single strand) knots last night so I think I should probably deal with that situation. My plan is to let these braids sit for two weeks, do another coconut pre-poo treatment, do some medium braids/two strand twists for another two weeks then do my monthly shampoo, a protein treatment and the rest of the works and go get my hair straightened to see what I'm dealing with.

Stay Tuned! lol

Today's leave in Mixture 
  • 3 tbs Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme
  • 2 tbs Redken Extreme Antisnap
  • 2 tbs Aloe vera juice
  • 2 tsp jojoba oil
  • 2 tsp tea tree oil
  • 2 tsp grapeseed oil


  1. Hello, I just read your blog and wanted to offer you encouragement on your mini twists. My fb (curldivas) or my blog has some shortlists of mini two strand twist dos. I wear them 4 weeks at a time before taking them down and I no longer have those problems. Here are some quick tips:

    First don't be bothered by the hair loss (it's actually shedding that has not been allowed to fall). That's normal.

    Second, two avoid the tangles make sure you start with two even strands prior to twisting when you borrow form one side you cause single strand knots.

    Third, washing twists---bad idea. rinse scalp if you sweat/exercise by putting hair in ponytail sections. Other than that if you are only using natural products you shouldn't have a whole lot of buildup.

  2. Hi thanks so much for reading and thanks a lot for the tips!

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