Friday, January 8, 2010

General Techniques

Since I have started taking care of my hair, regardless of the products I use there are certain things that work for me:
  1. Limit the use of shampoo
  2. Deep condition regularly
  3. Moisturize daily
  4. Baggy regularly
  5. Minimize manipulation
  6. Avoid combing/brushing/detangling my hair when dry
Back in the day, I didnt think nothing of combing out my hair and getting a huge ball of hair at the end of the process. I used to comb it before I washed it, comb it in the shower and comb it afterwards. When I say I typically got a ball of hair about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter, that was no joke. and I never thought nothing of it cuz my hair has always been so thick and that had always been the case. I know my hair is healthy and that this regimen works for me because since I have been taking care of my hair, I can count the strands of hair that come out of my head every time I wash/detangle/ comb it. I'm still amazed that I can rock a curly fro for a couple days, sleep on it to the point that it feels matted (lol i think my hair really wants to be in dreads but I'm not ready yet) and when I condition and detangle in the shower I lose almost no hair. Its also great that now I only lose full strands and not broken pieces. I know that I have breakage under control!

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